Week 7 Report

Monday Discussion


Meetings’ Time and Location

Monday location Tuesday location Wednesday location Thursday location Friday location Saturday location Sunday location
11am   AI/CV team meeting  ECT123
12am  Website team meeting  food court
1 pm
2 pm
3 pm
4 pm  General meeting  EG1114
5 pm  AI/CV team meeting  EG1114

Team progress

1.Website Team


      1.Used a small weekly project and started adding CSS element into this project
      2.Created week 7 report and learned how to imbed the table and picture into the current website


css code


Picture1: CSS code

Picture2: Part of the weekly small learning project

2. AI/CV Team


week 7 cvandaI team progress

Research Links
  1. Using Octree for 3-D path Planning


2.Potential Fields

3.Lectures on visual nav. for flying robots

4.Triangulation based path finding ( no idea if it’s of use, also contains funnel algorithm implementation and modifications )

5.A* triangulation based heuristics

6.Field D* in 3D space 

7.D* Lite derivation

8. A* Jump point search- heuristic optimisation of A* for large open spaces

9.Path Planning with Homotopic Constraints for Underwater

10.2D case of Homotopic Constraints


12.Octree with Morton interleaving

13.Hashtable octrees

14.Octree impl

Contact Information

Email Christoper Prijic


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